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Company mission statements are nothing more than fluff, piffle and jargon: HERALD SCOTLAND

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

Company mission statements the world over are filled with harmless fluff, piffle and jargon.

So say the authors Marc Stigter and Cary Cooper, who have compiled a list of 25 of what they regard as the most clichéd, almost “missionless mission statements” in their book Solving the Strategy Delusion.

It has filed this short-list under a range of categories, ranging from “some internally driven guff about excellence and efficiencies” to “vague but poorly articulated realisation it might have something to do with customers.”

The authors say: “Such clichéd statements don’t contribute to a compelling story but point out that leadership lacks imagination and perhaps in some cases direction. A good mission is constructed from the outside – in addressing how we add value to whom. It goes beyond merely describing what we offer.”

The Bottom Line suspects the writers are not fans of boardroom bingo.

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