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Unleash transformation through:


1. Unlocking deep insights 

Transformation is only unleashed through distinctive strategies that originate from deep insights. Deep insights are essential because they help uncover true customer value and help create points of differentiation. They help us understand the fundamental drivers of your organisation and challenge assumptions about your existing value propositions.

MARC'S STRATEGY METHODOLOGY helps you embed a strategic sensing capability enabling your organisation to unleash deep insights. Not just from an internal perspective but importantly from an external one. And, not just as a periodic process but as a continuous practice. 

2. Co-creating distinctive strategies

Markets and customers are rapidly changing not only the way we produce, market, sell, and deliver our products and services today but above all the way we create and deliver our strategies for the future. Clearly, customers no longer can be perceived simply as targets and passive recipients of our products and services.

MARC'S STRATEGY METHODOLOGY helps you create truly customer and experience-based strategies. Where strategic propositions are not developed from the Inside-Out but are co-created from the Outside-In.

3. Mobilising people for action

Creating a ‘strategic plan’ can quickly become a theoretical exercise if we fail to mobilise our People. Strategic plans on their-own don’t mobilise anybody. For people to make sense of a strategy, it needs to go beyond the specifics of the plan itself and be part of a collective narrative.

MARC'S STRATEGY METHODOLOGY helps you create such a compelling story and contextualise it across your organisation. Marc helps you gain a critical mass of People who are aligned and engaged to realise the organisational strategy on top of their day-to-day operational challenges.

4. Realising strategies enduringly

Creating distinctive strategies and gaining a critical mass of People per se is not enough. The mass also needs to be (and stay) in motion, so to speak.

MARC'S STRATEGY METHODOLOGY helps your organisation sustain momentum. And unleash energy through behaviours. He works closely with your leadership team to continuously orchestrate the practices of Sensing, Co-creating and Realising distinctive strategies. Such sustained orchestration of all practices - not just one or two - ensures your organisation moves ahead of the market … enduringly.

Marc’s strategy methodology is underpinned by his book Solving the Strategy Delusion (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015).

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