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Marc Stigter PhD

Marc helps organisations realise opportunities in one of the most transformational times in human history. To achieve this, Marc calls for a radical rethink of the three critical areas in which he specialises: strategy, culture and governance. He stimulates organisations to let go of business-as-usual through seeing, thinking, feeling, planning and acting differently.

Marc’s research has featured widely in the press including The Financial Times, The Times, The Australian Financial Review, The Australian, The Herald Scotland, The International Business Times, The Irish Times, London City A.M. and ABC-radio. The Financial Times calls his work “Inspirational, Refreshing and Insightful”.


Marc’s point of distinction is that his insights have been gained from four viewpoints: From a research perspective at doctoral and author level; from an executive educational perspective at academic level; from a practice perspective at global executive level; and from an independent advisory perspective at a Board and C-suite level. By cherry-picking the best insights from all four perspectives, Marc creates his own cutting-edge IP and transformational practices in the areas of strategy, culture and governance.


He was a Shell Country Chairman in the Middle East and worked for other blue chip companies around the world. Marc earned a PhD at Lancaster University Management School (UK) and also earned three Master’s degrees. He is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne and an Associate Director at Melbourne Business School.

His award-winning books, together with Sir Cary Cooper, underpin the three critical areas in which he specialises: Solving the Strategy Delusion is published by Palgrave MacMillan (2015); Boards That Dare is published by Bloomsbury (2018); and Making Culture Work is the latest book that Marc and Sir Cary are writing and to be published by Bloomsbury (2019).

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